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Dear Friends,
    I believe it is important to help my community when I can. Each year, I receive 100 or more requests to donate my services.  And I simply cannot honor each one. I've established an informal list of criteria for requests for assisting charities and non-profits. Take a look at them and determine whether your event has the characteristics I look for. Then, by all means, give me a call and I will do my best
to accomodate you if possible. Thanks.

1. Are you local ?  I live in Alamance County, NC and my primary market, Greensboro, is in the next county over. Home has to be my first priority, so if
you're local, I'm more inclined to help.

2. Am I performing for disadvantaged kids? I want very much to directly serve kids in need. Kids who might not otherwise get to see or participate in a magic show.

3. Regarding Fundraisers: I will consider performing for a charity fundraiser only
if all goods and services are donated. That means the venue is free, any catering is free, and especially, all other entertainment is being provided at no charge. If anyone is getting paid, then I expect to be paid.

    On occasion, I will make exceptions to rules 1 & 2 depending on the circumstances. I don't move on rule 3.  And whether I come to your event or not, I'd like to thank you in advance for working to make your community a better place to live.
Magic Christopher